Natty ALB _biography & career

Iortswam Nater widely known by his stage name Natty ALB, is Nigeria born singer/rapper who had made some interesting records the media has approved.

The self acclaimed lyrical machine in that field was Born in Katsina-Ala LGA, Benue State of Nigeria where he spent his little time growing up.

Natty ALB grew up in Manor City Mbasar Ikurav-Tiev 2, Katsina-Ala area of Benue state

Educational Background:

Brown Wizxy cut his educational tooth at RCM primary school Abo Mbasar, from 2005 to 2010, also attended Ikurav-Tiev Community Secondary school, Joo-mbatyough from 2010 to 2016 where he graduated as one of the best students of the year

Natty ALB is currently a student with the university of Jos where he is making some good studies and also getting well with his Talent.

Career :

Natty ALB started his career as an artist back in secondary school in 2012 composing and recording songs.His passion for hip-hop was really a field to grow in to.

Also dropped songs like “I hold the key to Money” and “no reach Dad” which are well sold across the streets of benue.

Wizxy Brown promises his fans some beautiful sounds from his desk soon

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