Why VETKONECT is Nigeria’s most popular Digital Animal Health Company -Dr Shadrach


Vet Konect Limited which is a digital animal health company with its headquarters in Benue State is a Private Limited Company incorporated under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria aimed at leveraging technology to provide access to animal care and social protection for livestock farmers and pet owners across Africa through their mobile phones. Visit https://www.vetkonect.com/

In an interview with the Founder of Vetkonect https://www.vetkonect.com,  Dr. Shadrach Terese Akpem, Dr Shadrach explained to NaijahubTv Media Services why Vetkonect Limited is Nigeria’s Most Popular Digital Animal Health Company by saying; 

With over 1,500 veterinary professionals in our database, Vet Konect is the single largest independent aggregator of veterinary professionals in Nigeria, with the potential to provide access to animal care to over 100 million livestock farmers in Nigeria (FAO) in urban, rural, and underserved communities.

We achieve this by directly connecting users to veterinary professionals close to them,

veterinary clinics and vendors of livestock products while availing of smart-driven

and Artificial intelligence-powered feed calculator and disease predictor for livestock

farmers to drive productivity. read more https://www.vetkonect.com/

Our solution is driven by smartphone-enabled and non-smart phone-enabled technology.

The increased growth and penetration of the internet, phone ownership, and digital awareness across Africa provide Vet Konect with a great opportunity to solve the challenges of visibility and access to comprehensive animal care that currently affect the livestock and pet industries across Nigeria and Africa”.

With the Vision of becoming a leader in digital animal care innovations and social protection in Africa. Dr Shadrach Akpem also highlighted the Mission of VETKONECT Limited as follows;

To connect livestock farmers and pet owners to veterinary professionals and facilities.

To improve transparency, quality, and market access for pet and livestock inputs.

To drive productivity in livestock production and pet ownership through smart AI-powered solutions

To develop and advance animal health coverage and social protection solutions (fintech and insurance) to drive economic empowerment and social inclusion. Read more https://www.vetkonect.com/

On what’s Next for VETKONECT Limited Dr. Shadrach Akpem in a quoted statement summarized his team experience and targeted milestones as this;

“As an animal health company, my co-founder and I are uniquely positioned to deliver solutions that leverage technology to improve animal care. With a combined 20 years of experience as veterinarians, we possess a deep understanding of animal health and welfare, as well as the challenges that come with providing quality care.

In addition to our veterinary expertise, we have a highly skilled product manager on our team with over 8 years of experience. She brings valuable knowledge and skills to the table, including expertise in product development, user research, and designing products that meet the needs of our target audience.

Together, our team is equipped to develop and launch innovative solutions that address the specific needs of animals and their caregivers. By combining our veterinary knowledge with our product development skills, we are confident in our ability to provide industry-leading animal healthcare solutions that set us apart from our competitors.”

DOWNLOAD VETKONECT APP HERE https://www.vetkonect.com/


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