Sakordie embárrassed me and I promised to pay back~ Nasty c

Media must watch this drama between these African rappers, Sakordie of Ghana and Nasty c of Nigeria.

Sakordie embarrassed me when I first met him and I promised myself I’d pay him back.

Interestingly When I first met Sakordie as an upcomist , he wouldn’t shake my hand, I reached out for a handshake but he left my hand hanging.

Was soabed and told myself that when I’ll be the man, I’ll never give that man a verse and boy did I stick to the plan? Yeah two requests over the years and I turned all of them down.

Life so funny, today though I’m not too proud to say I’m still a fan and even when I look back, I’ll call myself a caw0rd cuz those two songs I turned down are either old or out. But he must’ve learned his lesson.” ~Nasty c

Years ago, Sakordie looked down on Nasty C and fast forward today, the picture has been brightly painted by the present.

According to speeches from self claims,Nasty C is the only rapper alive who claims he can body Eminem in a rap battle.

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