Kapenta of Lagos Jkobi by Peculiar

🎼 Kapenta Of Lagos

🗣️ Jkobi

Producers: Zaaki Azzay & Kris Blac


The work of a Kapenta (Carpenter) is to fix broken things such as chairs, tables and furnitures.


You won’t be less wiser if you say “Kapenta Of Benue” is an idiom,


But in this case, Jkobi being a Kapenta is a metaphor which means he is here to fix the Benue Hip-hop music, as he claimed it has been desecrated and “it’s time to fumigate it from rats and snakes”


From the lyrics

“No Lassa fever that’s why I don’t mess with this rats”


In his line which he said “All white everything I must be made in Benue”


All white Party is an annual party Which goes down in Benue Hosted by OD Woods.


Towards the end of this Review you’d know why Jkobi didn’t address or tag himself the best Rapper.


Jkobi was on fire mood from the very first bar to the last with some wordplay and punchlines.


Truth be told, some of those lines were too basic for a song like but he came clean.


Delivery I rate him excellent.


At some point, he left the context and still manages to find himself in.


He wasn’t stable, punchlines were dope but too many lines were too basic for a conscious song like this.


Paddling on these flows which are deep enough for an average man to easily get lost in, I mean in truth, that it is very safe to say that this song will remain relevant.


From within and externally, this track

Will serve as a reference point.


Closely Looking at what Jkobi is painting

You would see the feelings, emotions

And pain as he envelopes them in this song


Telling us how he wasn’t just underated by folks within


Who were been judgemental in there taste of fashion

And wouldn’t support Cos He wasn’t looking Up to standard and so forth…


But regardless of all this

He pushes the Message straight at them to all the self acclaimed kings

he ain’t no King But a King maker.


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Kapenta Of Lagos.


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Credits: Afrobeats TV 📺

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