JUST-IN: Sweden Declares S3x As Sport, Sets To Host Championship

Sweden Declares S3x As Sport, Sets To Host Championship

Sweden has officially announced séx as a sport as its set to host its first-ever sex competition, New Telegraph reports.

It was also gathered that the participants will engage in sx sessions which can go up to six hours daily.

According to a statement issued on Sunday, the judges of the competition will decide the winners of the so call s3x game, while the audience will also influence the final decisions.The first-ever sèx competition is tagged European Sex Championship, and it will kickstart on Thursday, June 8, 2023, and rub through a period of six weeks with participants engaging in sèxual activities from 45 minutes to an hour daily, depending on the duration of their matches.

Aside from influencing the decision, the audience will also notice several aspects of sèxual activity.

The final decision on the winners will be arrived at after considering the factors like the chemistry between the couple, knowledge about sèx as well as endurance level.

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