Hypeman galaxy Biography, Education & career

Hypeman galaxy is a multi-talented Nigerian comedian, freestyle artist, songwriter, and content creator.

Hypeman galaxy, whose real name is Kaambe Goodness Aondodoo, hails from benue state Nigeria

Born in makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. But later relocated to Kwara state, Ilorin. He is known to be a Hype Man and a comedian.

Age | Date of Birth

Hypeman galaxy is currently in his 20’s, having been born in the 1990s.


Galaxy Kmb was born to a Christian family in Benue state. He is the Fourth and the only male child of the family.


Education Background

Attended king’s peculiar college makurdi Benue state

Did his degree program at Benue state University makurdi, been awarded a Degree in mass communication and graduated as the most popular student at the department of Mass communication, Benue state university makurdi.

Had jobs as a drycleaner, receptionist, barber and have work with University of Ilorin.


Hypeman galaxy started his entertainment career making comedy skits with his friends. Attending to shows then became a hype man after running some street road shows for the makurdi trade fare as the hypeman alongside dj koded and dj vibez .

He was later signed by One nation entertainment and moved to Ilorin.

Galaxy has worked in makurdi, Ilorin,lafia,Cross river and oyo state.He has collaborated with so many MC’s and hypemen such as hypeman kekesman, hypeman Spirit, mc bright, mc Baron, mc shalaye and has been recognized as one of the trendsetters of the Benue entertainment industry.

He advocates for hype men, DJ’s and performing artist from benue state to be given recognition in the industry and believes they have the potential to win awards and get international recognition.

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