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Hakim flexy is one of the Nigerian’s young rapper that is born with the talent of rap and singing in the music industry he started his music at the age of 15yr this was in his secondary school at the level of jss one in 2016 his age’s was 17yrs in 2016 he goes beyond everything to make sure he promote his talent even as he was not living large and not been independent to sponsor he self but lucky he was able to promote his music career in a year 2019 which he recorded his first song tagged everything i do he ft one of the igede’s satisfied aware rapper Gaddafi Hakim flexy goes on pursuing his dreams by presenting his music to one individual or the others and for some events his boldness and love to all the people in the industry he was able to meet up with his boss who make him known today as Hakim flexy because his name was only flexy back then but meeting up with his boss who is the CEO of silver stars entertainment he was by then able to move fast in some motivated activities in the industry Hakim flexy become an artist with many songs like no_love ft Solex g boy and many songs he meet friends. head crews. he is presently a music co_ordinator of silver stars entertainment his name became Hakim flexy which means doctor flexy this young rapper now is well known by many artist like Solex g boy and he is making moves in the industry Hakim flexy is now know as nation as he brings some brothers and friends together with him into the industry this young talented tiv boy called Hakim flexy is from buruku local govt abwa market of mbagen where he was given birth to he is a young disciplined guy that feels discouragement of others as you will all hear him rapping about it in his recent song tagged bad leaders which he ft an bold Nigerian’s afrol singer teekhay bravo Hakim flexy is always smooth going with he loves making friends he is inviting you to be his friend Now as you are reading his biography he loves to help and share his music around the world support sponsor him as he is ready and hard working to move his talent

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