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WOMEN and BLEACHING – Peculiar

I have been thinking about this.

Ever since some women with low IQ started thinking being light in complexion makes u more beautiful, the desire for a lighter skin has seem irresistible.

But here are the hidden dangers of bleaching creams and why you’re doing more harm than Good.

The psychological effects behind bleaching cannot be overstated. From lack of self-esteem to the idea that Lighter skin makes one more beautiful.

Between colourism & lack of confidence, women are buying into the skin bleaching industry at an alarming rate.

However, do we really know what these
Bleaching creams contain?
Due to the stigma surrounding bleaching, companies have become more clever with the language they use and instead, tend to use less Problematic words like Lightening, toning and brightening, but the devastating effects remain the same.

So what exactly is in bleaching creams
And how does it work?
Well, when bleaching ones skin, the goal
Is to reduce the amount of melanin
Deposited within the top layers of the skin.

Melanin is the product that gives skin and
hair its dark colour.
Reducing its quantity
in the skin will make it less dark.

The degree of whitening depends on the
amount of melanin that is removed
from the skin.

There are various methods used to
achieve this, these may include

• Inhibiting the Activity of an Enzyme Known as Tyrosinase, thereby stopping the Activity of Melanocytes which are known to produce Melanin.

• Inhibiting the upward movement of melanin to the superficial layers of the skin. In this case, melanin is produced but is not circulated, and lastly

• Destroying the pigment (melanin) itself.
Sigh. There is one fact that people don’t know. A deficiency in melanin in one part of the body might affect the rest part of the body,

And mind you, not only is melanin a superconductor that absorbs energy from the sun, not only is it a layer that protects us from the Sun’s UV rays, it is also a pigment that our brain, heart and other essential organs need to function properly.

If u ask me, rather than bleach, find a way of making your dark skin glow and beautiful.

Written: Anjo Msughter/Oche Joseph (Immortal Peculiar)
Model Credits: Suur Vivian

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